A8-SO AHA 8% Solution


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Description :

A natural fruity acid gel to induce skin exfoliation revealing a younger and brighter complexion. Promotes collagen and Elastin synthesis and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Ingredients :

Aqua, Propylene glycol, Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium hydroxide,Polysorbate 20,Colourant: FD&C Blue No.1, Perfume : Sunflower, Ethyl alcohol, Citric acid, Tartaric acid, Sodium hyaluronate, Tocopheryl acetate,Vitis vinifera seed extract, Hexyldecanol, Pyrus malus fruit extract, Diazolidinyl Urea.

Usage :

After cleansing and drying skin thoroughly,, apply to the affected areas twice weeky and follow up with a moisturizer.