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Where we stand in the cosmetics industry

It goes without saying that the global cosmetic market is huge, with skin care taking up 36 percent of the market in 2016. According to latest figures Asia and Oceania hold 40 percent of that market. Our company, Ziampro sits firmly and competitively within the global cosmetics industry. We are an OEM/Private Label Consultancy firm as well as a cosmetics manufacturing company. We have many years of experience and strong ties with other cosmetic OEM/Private Label manufacturers all over Thailand, ensuring that our customers always get what they want.

Where you will find us

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand has a thriving export industry in cosmetics and skin care and is considered the premier OEM manufacturer of cosmetics. It really is a global affair with countries such as Germany, the United States, Italy and Switzerland being leading importers of high quality ingredients into Thailand for OEM manufacturing. The market is ever expanding and with more men now taking an interest in skin care, we, at our head-quarters in Bangkok are working consistently to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and maintain our role as experts in our field, providing our customers with what’s new on the market.

Our Products Are your Business

It has not gone unnoticed that trends are changing. Over recent years customers have been abandoning chemically loaded skin care products and embracing safer more natural products. Your customers want the very best in cosmetics and skin care. We can provide the products they are demanding. Dermatologists buy our products to help customers treat acne, rosacea and other skin conditions. Beauty clinics use our products under their own brand to enhance their customers experience and to provide them with natural skin care products. If you are an online marketeer then our products are perfect for you. You will be consulting the experts in the cosmetic industry and purchasing trustworthy products.

Your Own Brand

If you are looking to brand your own range of cosmetics and skin care products, then look no further. We can provide you with the best support in the business, from the start of the process to the final product ready to put on your shelves. We’ve been offering OEM/Private Labeled products for over ten years now servicing new and small businesses with minimum order requirements to large multi-level and direct marketing companies as well as prominent skin care clinics fulfilling much larger demands. With a minimum order quantity of just 5kgs, we are able to meet any customers’ requirements. If you are looking to create something really special and unique you need only send us an email and ask for our expertise.

With you till the end

The export and import business is a tricky affair as you probably already know. You can be assured that we have lots of experience in exporting goods in almost every part of the world. There’s no need to worry about exporting regulations, we can help you with those too. We offer you complete shipping services along with assistance with product registration and Notification in your own region.

Contact Us

You will find us on line or you can contact us directly at:

P+66 2 721 3836 (English/Thai) M+66 019 9902 (English)

M+6 85 933 1422 (Thai)

USA P+1 307 459 1969

Or contact us on:

contactus@ziampro.com | information@ziampro.com