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The Range of products Your Customers are Dreaming About

You know what your customers are looking for. That’s why you are looking for a range of products that meets just that purpose. Since time immemorial women have been searching for that one product that will turn back the clock. Now it seems that men also are seeking the elixir of youth. The secret lies in the use of natural ingredients.

We know this because we have been selling natural products for many years. The fact that our customers keep coming back is proof that we know what your customers want. There is no magic serum that will wash away the years and why would anyone want to do that? But here at Ziampro we offer you the opportunity to brand a range of products that will enhance natural beauty and provide soothing balms for troubled skin. All of our products include tried and tested natural ingredients from trusted honey and lavender formulas to Bee Venom and snake oil. Because we are experts in natural products and know what you and your customers want, we are naturally your premier wholesale skin care products suppliers.

Our range of Private Label Skin Care Products

Please check out our selection of skin care products. We have over 100 items to choose from, each product manufactured to quality standards. Here is just a sample to pique your interest.

Extra Lift Face Cream

Ever wondered why Asian women have such perfect complexions? Well it’s all down to products like this and your customers are going to love it. This unique blend of ingredients is absorbed into the skin without any oily residue. The results are immediate, leaving the skin hydrated and smoother. Used on a regular basis this cream promises a youthful toned complexion.

Apple Stem Face Foam

Products that include nature’s bounty are a firm favourite with discerning customers looking for products that are not laden with chemicals. Our white label skin care products offer you the chance to privately label nature’s best ingredients within your own branded products. Apple stem Face Foam uses ingredients formulated in Switzerland. For your customers looking for a deep cleansing foam  our facial cleanser does this and much more. It anti-aging formula protects delicate skin from environmental damage and actually restores damaged skin cells.

Dragon Treatment Gel

Look no further for your OEM skincare cosmetic manufacturer, we can supply in bulk at wholesale prices. Why not purchase something very special. Dragon Treatment Gel is causing quite a stir in our part of the world. Now it’s time for your customers to try it too. No, we don’t use real dragons of course, but this brand new moisturising cream is a real sensation. Made with botanical extracts from North Australia, exotically called Dragon’s Blood the product combats those tell tale signs of aging around the eyes and mouth caused by UV rays and air pollution. Used daily, this light gel will become a firm favourite, so make sure you order lots of it.

Custom Formulation

Maybe you want to modify one of our stock formulations so that you own a brand new formulation. No problem. Here’s what you do. You can modify a stock formulation or you can have a brand new formulation. The minimum order quantity is 5 kg per modified formulation and for new formulations 100 kg (50 kg for multiple formulations). We will charge a $150.00 USD development fee which include samples shipped to your address. If the samples are not to your liking , we will redevelop until you are satisfied, however we do charge an additional $ 150.00 for each time we need (re)develop the formulation and send out new samples to you. Now explore our range of white label cosmetics and skin care products.